The Bureau of Labor Statistics foresee that there will be an average job growth of 11% from 2012 to 2022 on truck driving professions. With a minimum wage of about $41,930 in 2014, the truck driving industry is a good career for people who have what it takes to successfully transport goods from place to place.

Truck Driving

Truck driving is a special skill that requires utmost proficiency and comprehension. It is a promising career that can be learned through enrollment in a community college that offers the course and other related certifications. Nevertheless, you can also enroll in a private truck driving school or a school managed by a trucking company for more chances of employment. But just like every other special skill, truck driving has strict requirements that need to be complied with.

What are the Truck Driver training requirements?

Truck drivers are responsible for loading and carrying different types of goods such as toxic materials and regular cargo merchandises locally or interstate. Before you are able to get a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL, here are the requirements that you must complete so you can enter a truck driving training program.

1.You must be at least 18 years old if you only plan to work within the state. Otherwise, 21 years of age is the minimum to be able to drive a cargo truck regional. Age is not only important. If you plan to enroll in a truck driving school, you must make sure that you have a spotless driving record.

2.Truck driving requires precision, as well as a sound body and mind. This means you should be drug-free, thus, a drug screening is mandatory.

3.Aside from drug screen, you will also be obliged to pass a doctor’s physical exam overseen by the Department of Transportation. Among other things, driving as a career requires a strong physique and good vision or eyesight. You must be able to stand long hours of driving and still have good driving judgment.

4.Employment history. This may be a requirement in certain schools that offer truck driving. Employment history is always essential when you want to work in a good position. A satisfactory employment history of at least 1 year to a few years may be necessary.

Depending on where you would like to get your truck driving training certification, these requirements may be more or less. A truck driving academy will prepare you to pass your CDL certification and get a class A CDL permit. But along with these accreditation, you may also want to get other types of specializations including hazardous materials endorsement to be able to have more chances at truck driving position vacancies.

After checking that you have these requirements, the next thing you have to do is to check a school that is best for you. There are several schools available but remember to enroll in a truck driving school that is geared towards high quality and efficient learning as well as fast employment after completion of your accreditation. Also, opt to enroll in a school certified by the Professional Truck Driving Institute (PTDI).